Actor Jim Carrey Might Be Guilty for his Ex-Girlfriend’s Death

Celebrities at the Ed Sullivan Theater for the last show of 'Late Show with David Letterman' Featuring: Jim Carrey Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 20 May 2015 Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/ **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

Actor Jim Carrey found himself at the center of a scandal after the suicide of an ex-girlfriend when previously unknown details surfaced about his addiction to alcohol, pills and cocaine, violent behavior and many other things.

He is now facing serious charges. The mother of the deceased Cathrione White, Brigid Sweetman, filled a complaint against Carrey claiming that her daughter overdosed after she realized that the actor infected her with three sexual transmitted diseases.
The suit alleges that Jim also insulted her by calling her ‘bitch’ and paid the suspicious men to threaten her to keep quiet about it.

However, the mother claims that Cathriona was persistent, but the actor became tired of it and decided to end the relationship, saying: “You’ve become so dramatic.”

According to the lawsuit he threatened her to keep quiet after which she struggled with emotion before she overdosed on pills Ambien, propranolol and Percocet.
TMZ contacted spokespersons of  actor, but they have not received any answer yet.

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