Artificial Intelligence Predicts that Donald Trump Will Win

Artificial intelligence that accurately predicted the results of the last three presidential elections in the United States this time put its bet on Donald Trump.

Sanjiv Rai, founder of Indian startups, has developed a system of Mogi. It works by processing 20 million data from the American public platforms, including Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, analyzes them and provides the winner.

The system was created in 2004 and from them was upgraded and improved. The results show that Trump in recruiting supporters beat Barack Obama in 2008 by as much as 25 percent.

Rai points out that his system shows that candidate who motivates at most would be the winner.

“If Trump loses, it will be in contradiction with what show the trends of social involvement in the past 12 years,” explains ┬áRai.

He stressed that it is possible that his system might make a mistake because it is difficult to analyze the emotions of related posts on social networks.
Artificial intelligence may prefer Trump, but credit rating agency Moody’s has given the victory to Hillary Clinton.

According to the agency that evaluates the safety and attractiveness of investments in individual countries, the prognosis of Hillary’s imminent accession to the White House were crucial key factors such as low energy prices and the popularity of Democratic President Barack Obama.

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