Associates of Hillary Clinton Seek Explanation from FBI for Reopening Investigation

On Sunday, Associates of Democratic candidate for the US presidential election condemned the act of the FBI director James Comey who wants to open the investigation about Hilary who used private mail during her term as a Secretary of State.

Comey did not give any details in a letter that he sent to the congressional leaders. The letter points out that he can’t yet say that the discovery is going to be crucial.

“This is an unprecedented move that marks a change in policy of the democratic and republican Justice Ministry “, warned on Sunday head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, saying that Comey” disregarded the recommendation of the senior officials of the justice ministry.

He recalled that the ministry, which is responsible for the FBI, has a custom to “do not affect the election 11 days before their maintenance.” “A small part of the contents of the” letter “was immediately distorted,”  said on NBC  Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, asking that “all the information should be put on the table”.

Sources: Agencies


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