What Hides the Black Sea ?!

Significant archaeological discovery has shocked the researchers on project that involves researching the depths of the Black Sea.

For many years, archaeologists believed that in this ‘dead man’s zone’ there is nothing important, until this week, when in the depths of which no one has ever explored,something interesting was found;  shipwrecks from ancient times, dating from the Ottoman and Byzantine period , according to the Daily Mail.

At about 1800 meters, the most advanced apparatus for research of sea depths, found more than 40 shipwrecks from ancient times.

Priceless archeological treasures were discovered  as part of the expedition with the aim of mapping the ancient area that was flooded after the end of the last Ice Age conducted by the Department of Archaeology at the University of Southampton,

Among the wreckage ships there are ships from the Ottoman and Byzantine Empire. This discovery provided new information about the communities on the coast of  Black Sea at a time when many activities of Greece and Rome and Byzantium were directed towards the Black Sea.

“Wrecks are amazingly preserved, due to anoxic conditions (without oxygen) prevailing in the Black Sea under 150 meters,” explains Adam.

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