Here is How Much Celebs Earn by Advertasing on Social Networks

While most people use social networks to connect and communicate with friends, meet new people, and post numerous selfies. To athletes, actors, reality stars Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram have become a very good source of income.

Those on social networks have millions of people who follow them and like their personal pages so that their posts have an impact. These are recognized by many (big) companies and marketing experts that they pay for each post in where a specific product or brand is mentioned because they know that the advertising of a certain product would be seen by millions of followers, and given the increased use of  Ad blocker, it is clear how this kind of advertising  is profitable to  companies.

The figures that brands pay only for a post on celebs a personal social network that has millions of followers are “enormous “.
According to the company Captiv8 which connects celebrities with brands, those with between 3 and 7 million followers on social networks for just one video on YouTube can charge almost $ 190,000. Price for a post on Instagram or Snapchat is around $ 75,000, while the post on Twitter is “only” $ 30,000.

According to the non-profit organization, many such posts in social networks deceive consumers because it is a covert advertising that violates the guidelines of the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) under which the person praising the product has to explain their followers that they are paid for it.

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