NASA : Someone or Something has Abducted our Craft; We Got Messages in an Unfamiliar Language

NASA confirmed: Someone or something has abducted our craft; we got messages in an unfamiliar language

Voyager 2 started sending data of completely incomprehensible language. Even after six years NASA  did not know the exact cause, but they are sure that this is no accident.

The first aircraft that left the Solar System in 2010, just as it was entering interstellar space, it began to behave quite strangely.

“Somewhere around 15 billion kilometers from the earth, the probe suddenly started to send data in a language we do not understand. It might be called a foreign language, “said NASA’s planetary scientist Kevin Baines, reports Physics astronomy.

Something (or someone) has changed communication system of Voyager 2.

“By verification of other systems, Voyager’s team found no fault. Only one system has been compromised, “says Baines. Later analyzes  showed that one digit in the binary code of unit system was changed from 0 to 1.

This trick is used by many hackers; it can also completely turn off the computer or destroy data. Just one system is damaged. There was also possibility that Voyager 2 was “hacked” from Earth, but because of the great distance it was almost impossible.

Experts from NASA needed three weeks to correct the mistake. But the cause of the anomaly is never revealed. For the German scientist Hartwig Hausdorf there was no doubt that aliens did the anomaly.

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