New Discovery: A lake under the Sea

Anyone who tries to get in it will suffer immensely, according to prophecy , says Professor Erik Cordes from Temple University.

He has researched the so-called pool, which also is called the jacuzzi of despair in the journal Oceanography.

“This lake is one of the most incredible things that can be found in the deep sea.  You go on the way to the bottom of the ocean and suddenly you see the lake or river flowing, the whole scene looks like it’s from another world,” said Cordes.

The water in the lake in the sea is about five times saltier than the water that surrounds it. Additionally, it contains a high concentration of methane and hydrogen sulfide,the water doesn’t mix with the sea water .

For animals and humans who swim into it (or dive), the toxic concentration of elements is most likely fatal. In such conditions, only bacterial life forms, worms and shrimp can survive.

For scientists this lake is like a playground for their research, in which they can explore how certain organisms can survive in such extreme conditions.

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