Obama : The Battle for Mosul is Going to be Very Difficult

US President Barack Obama warned that the battle of the US-led coalition in Mosul is going to be very difficult.
Obama said he is confident that the offensive in this city will be successful and that the jihadists will be driven out of their last stronghold in Iraq.
“There will be ups and downs but I expect that operations will eventually be successful,” Obama said during a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, according to AFP.
The US president noted that not everything will go smoothly.

“The Battle for Mosul will be difficult. There will be advancement but also failure. Perhaps a million civilians are living there. In addition, we want to drive out the Islamic state, our attention will be focused on the security of civilians and humanitarian aid,” he added.

Military officials estimate that the battle for Mosul will last from several weeks to several months.

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