Pervesion and Rape Scandals Might Cost Hillary Clinton Presidency

Huma Abedin is the closest associate of Hillary Clinton, but her marriage to Anthony Weiner could make problems for the candidate for the White House.

Huma knew that her husband was fond of perverse and deviant sexual behavior, but she could not imagine how it will affect not only her life and career, but also the career of woman for who she devoted her life.

Her marriage is in the center of the scandal along with secret servers scandals.
Abedin and her husband Weiner have several times been the center of public attention due to the fact that Weiner often sent messages and inappropriate photos to women and teenage girl he has never met.

Weiner secrets came out into the open when the Daily Mail, published evidence of his texting with 15-year-old. He knew all along how old she is, but nevertheless he continued to send her messages of inappropriate content.
At that time he was still married, though Abedin announced a divorce because of previous sex scandals.

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