All the Polls Are in Favor of Clinton

All the polls are in favor of Clinton, but she continues to verbally attack Trump.
On Friday Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump for being “threat” to democracy.

The Republican candidate for the White House, “refused to say that he will respect the result of the election,” she reminded Clinton at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, one of the key states in the election on November 8th, Hina reports.

Clinton is now shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump in the latest polls in the elections after an important industrial country. No Republican has ever come to the White House without winning in Ohio.

“Together we must support American democracy “said Clinton.

“At the moment something really fantastic is happening, people are gathering to reject hatred and division – she continued, emphasizing the readiness to be president “of all Americans.”

Average last survey at the national level gives Democrats an advantage of six points (45.2 percent vs. 39.2 percent).

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