Production of Note 7 Was Stoped

Samsung has reportedly ceased production of Galaxy 7 devices after a series of cases of battery overheating and auto ignition, according to the South Korean agency Yonhap. Employees at the company told Yonhap that production had ceased in cooperation with the security regulatory authorities from South Korea, China and the United States.

Note 7, which was launched in mid-August, was considered one of the best Android devices so far, however, problems with the battery were caused by overheating, and in a few cases spontaneous combustion. Last month Samsung offered a new series, but the same technical issues appeared in new cellphones.
Samsung has not directly confirmed the plans to suspend production of Note 7, but they said that they are working directly with the authorities and independent experts to study problems with the replaced devices.

“If we found that there is a problem with safety devices, Samsung will take immediate steps to resolve the situation”, said offficials from the company.

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