Trump: ” Regardless of the Outcome of the Election, I Will be Satisfied”

The candidate of the Republican Party for President of the United States, Donald Trump said today that no matter what the outcome of the election will be ; ┬ávictory, defeat or a draw, he’s happy that he gave his best in the race for the White House.

“Win, lose or draw, and I’m almost certain that we will win if people come out, I’ll be pleased with myself. As I always say, I do not want to think that if I held one additional meeting, I would win in North Carolina,” said Trump.

According to Reuters with that statement Trump got further from refusing to promise that they will accept the results of the presidential elections, which would be held on 8 November.

In the third and final debate Trump did not want to answer the question whether would recognize the election results.

He later said he would “recognize the clear results”, but there is a possibility to challenge the outcome of the voting.


Source : Reuters

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