Trump Said that It Would be Best to Cancel the Elections and to Declare Him the Winner

Republican candidate Donald Trump on last night’s rally in Ohio said it would be best to cancel the elections and to declare him the winner.

“I was just thinking something and you know what? Why do not we just cancel the elections and give them to Trump? “, Trump said at an election rally in Toledo, in the US state of Ohio.

Trump again criticized Hilary Clinton, pointing out the difference between these two is huge.

Trump has once again shown how little respect he has toward the electoral process in the United States. This is not the first time that he brings legitimacy of the elections in question.

It is believed that Trump is not happy with the results of surveys that showed that Clinton is in a great advantage, and in the absence of other ideas he  constantly carries out attacks and insults Clinton and the entire electoral process.

Except for this, Trump has declared that he is convinced that the media and other politicians are working intensively to sunk his campaign and he warned that he might  become a victim of electoral fraud, CNN reported.

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