Twitter Fired 9 Percent of It’s Employees

Twitter  finds it difficult to atract new users  and they are losing money, so they decided to reduce they workforce worldwide by nine percent

Twitter Inc., which, as quoted by Anatolia,is  fighting competition such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Twitter said on Thursday that they expects that the restructuring of the workforce will save between ten and 20 million dollars.

From the end of 2014, Twitter monthly raised their numbers  to 15 million, but in June this year they had 313 million users. At the same time, Facebook has received an additional 319 million people, while its number of users has reached nearly a whopping 1.7 billion.

Twitter has put a big bet on the option of live video, and wants to be the first to share opinions in real time.

According to the company,  Twitter has 3,860 employees.

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