WikiLeaks Published Emails: Hillary Clinton Knows Who Finances Islamic State

Website Wikileaks published the third part of the confidential letters of John Podesty, president of the election campaign of Democratic candidate for President of the United States Hillary Clinton, in which she stated that Qatar and Saudi Arabia secretly fund Islamic State.

The third part contains 1,190 messages, and so far 4,000 letters have been published.

“We have to use all  diplomacy and traditional intelligence means to apply pressure on the government of Qatar and Saudi Arabia who secretly funds  and technically supports  Islamic State and other radical Sunni organizations in the region” ??, said Clinton in one of the messages.

In addition, she states that the loyalty of the Kurdish government to the United States may affect the further steps of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
“These efforts will be strengthened at the expense of commitment of the Kurdish regional government. Inhabitants of Qatar and Saudi Arabia will be forced to balance between the struggle for dominance in the Sunni world and the result of pressure from the United States, adds a candidate for President of the United States.

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